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Robinsons Rochdale Rider Training


The aim of a CBT is to teach the student the BASIC skills needed to keep safe whilst on the road.


Direct Access Scheme

If you are under 24 and have had a full A2 licence for 2 years, you can apply for Direct Access to move up to a full licence.


Module 1 Training

The MODULE 1 Test is not hard at all, its all down to your Training.



At Robinsons Rochdale MotoGB Rider Training, we offer a range of Motorbike Riding courses to enable you to ride confidently and safely on the road. From compulsory basic training courses (CBT) to A1 A2 courses and Direct Access Schemes and Back to Biking Courses, our experienced Motorcycle Instructor Martin will be with you every step of the way during your Training.

Our CBT Courses Start at 9:15am and finish between 3-5pm, We only Train up to 2 people at any one time, Local Training Schools have 4 Trainees to 1 Instructor The CBT is not a TEST it is a Training Course with 5 Elements

A Introduction

B Practical on Site Training

C Practical on Site Training with Riding

D Pre Road Briefing

E Minimum 2 Hour Road Ride

Once completed you will be issued a DL196 Certificate which enables you to ride on the Public Highway unaccompanied for up to 2 Years, Please Visit the Link below for more information.


Robinsons Rochdale Rider Training


This information was provided by Greg Walsh, a CBT manager from the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency.


All covered to a very high standard, good use of Q & A and interaction with the trainees, all of the information delivered was clear & concise & pitched at the correct level for all the trainees.


Excellent element, Martin delivered the lessons to a “textbook” standard. I could offer no advice as to how the element could have been improved as there were no weaknesses in any area. The explanations and demonstrations given at the beginning of each module were clear and comprehensive, but without ever becoming overly long and complicated. Due to the high standard of the lesson delivery there were very few faults committed by the trainees, those faults that were committed were immediately identified and remedied. Also worthy of mention was Martin’s concern for the trainee’s welfare, insisting on the trainees taking regular breaks and drinks to ensure that they were not adversely affected by the very hot weather.


Again, this element was exemplary. The route started off in a nursery area, and the trainees were never pushed beyond their comfort zone. The level of difficulty throughout the road ride was carefully judged to be appropriate for the trainee’s ability level. All required traffic situations were covered, Martin’s radio work was clear, and there were lots of pre-emptive guidance when appropriate. His fault identification, fault analysis, and remedial advice were perfect in all cases.


Robinsons Rochdale Rider Training
Robinsons Rochdale Rider Training
Robinsons Rochdale Rider Training


For any further information, or to arrange a test ride, please use our contact form.